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The Tastiest NYC Food Tours With Ben Gollan

Welcome to A Man and His Sandwich! Get ready to explore the historic neighborhoods of New York on one of the best food tours you'll ever experience. It's not just about us and how we lead great walking tours, although that's true. It's all about exploring the sandwich capital of the world, New York City.

Our New York Sandwich Tour takes you into the eclectic East Village, where we find incredible sandwiches and share stories about the places and people behind our delicious food. Along the way, we share unique New York history about places not found in a typical NYC travel guidebook. Most importantly of all, we'll also uncover the truth about hot dogs. Are they a sandwich?

Join our Beers, Burgers, and Buns Tour to drink cold beer, eat delicious burgers, and discuss New York's interesting history from the prohibition era to today. Great sandwiches are found in Brooklyn too, and we will go there on our Brooklyn Sandwich Tour. Discover the sandwich scene of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and learn about the changing face of this trendy neighborhood as you eat!

We also offer a fun time from home with our virtual sandwich-making masterclass where you'll learn how to cook, eat, and photograph an iconic NYC sandwich. We can also debate hotdogs in this class too.

All of our experiences are run as a scheduled group food tour. If you are looking for private tours, give us a call!


Sandwich Experiences

2 hours
Group Size
At least 1

New York Sandwich Tour

Join your fellow sandwich lovers on this fun, delicious, and thought-provoking food tour as we feast on amazing sandwiches in New York City.

Together we will visit foodie destinations that only NYC locals know about as we debate the question "what is a sandwich?", and answer it by eating different types of delicious sandwiches.

In addition to the delicious sandwiches, you will also hear stories about the history of the sandwich, and the people who make them. We'll also discover street art and learn about the history of New York too.

Come with an open mind, and leave with a FULL stomach (and an answer to whether or not a hotdog, a burger or a taco is a sandwich).

*Vegetarian options available, but not vegan or gluten-free (sorry!)

**Private tours are available for corporate teams. As experienced by Amazon, Google, Audible and more. 

***Don't see a day/time that suits you? Ask us for a new time and we can try to accommodate.

70 USD
1 hour
Group Size
At least 10

A Sandwich Masterclass - Virtual Cooking Class

Welcome to the only cooking class  that answers the question “Is a hotdog a sandwich?”!

In this virtual cooking class - perfect for team-building events and corporate groups - we will create a delicious New York-style sandwich together across a fun & interactive one-hour Zoom call.

During the Masterclass, we will learn tips and tricks to make your sandwiches taste as amazing as the 'inspo' on @a_man_and_his_sandwich (IG).

We'll chat about our favorite sandwiches, learn about the history of ingredients between bread, and debate whether a hotdog, burger or taco can be considered a sandwich – prepare yourself for the lively debate!

17 USD
2 hours
Group Size
At least 1

The Beers, Burgers and Buns Experience

Can’t decide between a bar crawl and a food tour whilst you’re in New York? Then why not join an experience that does both!

On the Beers, Burgers, and Buns experience we will do just what the title suggests - drink cold beer (or wine), eat delicious burgers, and bite into some (chicken) buns – as we walk through the fascinating neighborhood of the East Village.

Along the way, we’ll visit three unique bars and two dining spots, plus we’ll learn about the fascinating history of New York City – from the prohibition era to today – and hear the stories of the people behind the food and drink you will be enjoying. What more could you ask for?

This experience is only for those 21 years & older. EVERYONE must bring a valid ID.

Great for solo travelers, corporate groups, and private parties alike.

*Sadly this is not available for vegan and gluten-free diets. Sorry!

55 USD
2 hours
Group Size
At least 1

Brooklyn Sandwich Tour

New York sandwiches are not confined to just New York City. Brooklyn also offers an amazing range of sandwiches to enjoy too!

In this experience, we will answer the question "what is a sandwich?" as we eat three different interpretations of the sandwich in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Together we'll visit destinations that you will not find in a typical tourist guidebook as we eat our way through the history and evolution of the sandwich.

Along the way, we'll hear stories about the venues we are eating at and the people who are making our food. We'll discover street art and we'll also learn how the people of Williamsburg have influenced the sandwich game in New York.

**Vegetarian options available, but not vegan or gluten-free (sorry!)**

65 USD

Why choose us?

New York City Food Tours With A Twist.

This is not your average walking tour. We have been privileged to lead over 20,000 guests on a uniquely New York adventure. Only the highest quality sandwiches, burgers, and other heavenly handfuls are featured on our tours to ensure you enjoy juicy meats, moist buns, and fresh ingredients. How do we ensure this? We personally eat all of them ahead of time. After all, someone has to do it!

World-class Sandwiches

We only eat world-class sandwiches. With the mouth-watering sandwiches that New York has to offer, you’ll never want to go back home after a tour with us! We eat at independent restaurants and hole-in-the-wall establishments that have been delivering high-quality sandwiches since time immemorial.

Knowledgeable Guide

Ben has been recognized as a great tour guide by becoming the #1 reviewed host in all of New York City on the Airbnb Experiences platform. So trust us, he knows his way around a good sandwich! Plus, along with some world-class banter, he can even give you tips on how to make the best sandwich of your life.

People Are Talkin'

Our New York sandwich tours have been featured on National Television in both the USA and Australia, as well as in Forbes Magazine, Lonely Planet, Eater, and many more publications. Check them out, and feel free to reach out to Ben Gollan for any more information you need!


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New York Is A Foodie City

Since the early days of immigration at Ellis Island, New York has become a common ground for people of all nationalities. Each person brought a unique style of delicious food to the city. Kitchens serving authentic food were a way to reconnect with the culture deeply rooted in these future American citizens.

You'll find restaurants serving Italian food and wine next to an Argentinian restaurant that makes a perfectly-cooked steak with chimichurri. Irish immigrants brought the tasty corned beef and cabbage we enjoy today, while the Germans gave us the beloved hotdog. But perhaps the most famous sandwiches in the city are the pastrami on rye or the bagel & lox served at many Jewish delis.

Frequently asked questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Yes. Sandwiches are for everyone! For those with dietary restrictions though, please notify us beforehand.

**Vegetarian options available, but not vegan or gluten-free (sorry!)**

New York is a diverse city that has various sandwiches to offer. You can choose from hundreds of types of sandwiches according to your vibe, mood, and cravings.

We always want to create a great time for our guests, so expect a fun, delicious, and informative tour. We don't just eat or make sandwiches on the tours but we also break bread with our fellow sandwich lovers whilst sharing stories and finding new friends along the way.

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