9 Can’t-Miss Sandwich Shops And Best Delis In Brooklyn

Brooklyn Williamsburg

Truth be told, there are more than nine fantastic delis and sandwich shops in Brooklyn NY. The local residents have difficulty choosing where to go, but what about visitors and tourists? How would a visitor to the Brooklyn area decide which Jewish delicatessen, sandwich shop, or brisket house to try?

You’ll need at least nine meal times just to try our list of best delis in Brooklyn. You’ll want to dedicate more time to sandwich research, though. Because each amazing place has more than one great sandwich!

Check out our list of the top nine can’t-miss delis in Brooklyn.

1) David’s Brisket House

A family-owned Brooklyn NY institution for over 50 years. Davids is an old-school Jewish deli tucked into a small space. The pastrami and briskets are hand-seasoned and slow-roasted with crusty caramelization on the outer edges. While the prices are on the high side, the deli sandwiches are served with plenty of meat stacked high and worth the money.

Sandwich Places In Brooklyn, NY - David's Brisket House
Brisket Sandwich With Cucumber And Coleslaw

2) Mill Basin Kosher Deli

Mill Basin Kosher Deli offers an extensive menu of what they proudly refer to as comforting Jewish food. In addition to their excellent overstuffed Kosher deli sandwiches, they also offer salads, soups, side dishes, burgers, and desserts. Try the home-baked rugelach! Food is available to go, or there is a small dining room.

3) Frankel Delicatessen

Frankels is the pastrami king. Try the hot pastrami stacked on rye bread and served the traditional way, with mustard. Or, tuck into the hot pastrami Rueben with swiss cheese, sauerkraut, and Russian dressing on rye. Sandwiches and fresh bagels are available to go. There’s also a decent-sized dining room for on-site dining.

Frankel Delicatessen - Brooklyn, NY
Reuben Sandwich With Corned Beef, Cheese, And Sauerkraut

4) A Taste Of Katz Delicatessen

The famous Katz Delicatessen has been an iconic New York institution for over one hundred years. It’s considered by many to be the best deli in New York.

The classic Katz location in New York’s lower east side serves patrons with a crowded, fast-paced, assembly line-style service. But there is a way to avoid the crowd and still get a fantastic Katz sandwich.

If you’re looking for a quick fix with a Katz pastrami, corned beef, or brisket sandwich, then stop by the Dekalb Market Hall in Brooklyn and find the Taste of Katz stall. You won’t get the same fast-paced intimidating experience as the Katz primary location. However, you’ll still get the same great food, and after all, it’s all about the food.

5) Court Street Grocers – Williamsburg

This is not your typical old-school Brooklyn deli. You’ll find a few items on the menu here that aren’t commonly found on a deli menu. Sandwiches like the Cubano, the Reuben Broccoli, and the Vegitalian.

If you are looking for something different and off the well-beaten Jewish deli path, then stop by Court Street Grocers. You won’t be disappointed.

Sandwich Places In Brooklyn, NY - Court Street Grocers
Cubano Sandwich

6) The Sandwich Shop

This Brooklyn sandwich shop uses fresh ingredients with an international flair. You’ll find sandwiches like the El Cubano, the Mexican and the Chipotle BLT served by great staff and friendly owners.

Try something a little different with the Chipotle Melt. It’s a flavorful creation made with the Shop’s own chipotle mayo, cheddar, and pepper jack melted cheese over ham on a brioche bun. Limited indoor seating is available.

7 ) Milano Market Bay Ridge

As with most great Brooklyn delis, the Milano Market was started by an enterprising immigrant with a taste for great food. The Market’s two locations, the upper east side and bay ridge in Brooklyn NY, continue to be a family-run affair today.

Their Italian-style meat and cheese sandwiches are made with flavor-packed ingredients like ham capicola, mortadella, Sopressata, prosciutto di Parma, mozzarella, asiago, and roasted peppers. Stop by for a DIY charcuterie kit and take it home for a relaxing night with a bottle of wine.

Milano Market Bay Ridge - Brooklyn, NY
Italian Mortadella Sandwich

8) Brooklyn Gourmet Deli

You can’t miss the Brooklyn Gourmet Deli’s corner location on Fulton street. Just look for the fantastic, colorful mural painted on the side of the building. This place combines excellent food and great Brooklyn street art rolled into one amazing location.

There’s no inside seating. It’s a bodega with sandwiches to go. Grab a sandwich and a craft beer for a great meal at home.

Sandwiches And Good Craft Beer Selection At Brooklyn Gourmet Deli
Sandwich And Craft Beer

9) Defonte’s Sandwich Shop

Defonte’s serves great sandwiches with old-school Italian flair. Located on the corner of Columbia and Luquer street, it’s one of those hole-in-the-wall type places that you’ll want to introduce your family and friends to, as your secret hidden gem. Come early, though, or you’ll spoil that hidden gem illusion. This place gets crowded in the afternoons.

While everything here is good, if you need inspiration, try the chicken cutlet with vodka sauce, the Italian cold cut Nicky special, or the hot roast beef sandwich.

Defonte's Sandwich Shop - Brooklyn, NY
Chicken Cutlet Sandwich

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